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Stihl MS 461 R Rescue Saw

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 The MS 461 R Rescue is a professional saw exclusively designed for fire, rescue and emergency services. Delivering high-power even at mid-speed, with a depth limiter for safety and control, and a hardy STIHL RAPID™ DURO R chain with surface reinforcement of tungsten carbide and cobalt. When seconds count, this saw gets the job done.


MS 461 R Rescue Saw
Sale Type
36RDR72E (20'') / 46RDS66E (20'')
Displacement (cc)
Power Output (kW)
Fuel Capacity (oz)
Weight (kg / Lbs) 1)
7.2 / 15.8
Chain Oil Capacity (oz)
Guide Bar Lengths (Recommended Ranges)
features STIHL anti-vibration system
Precisely calculated buffer zones minimise the transfer of engine and saw chain vibrations to the front and rear handles. The chainsaw therefore runs noticeably smoother. This allows the user to save their strength and work longer. STIHL ElastoStart
Due to compression pressure, jerky stresses occur when starting internal combustion engines. The damping element in the ElastoStart special starter grip alternately absorbs and releases force according to the compression pattern. The result is smooth, even starting. Tool free fuel caps
 Special caps to open and close the tank cap quickly, easily and without tools.
Decompression valve
The decompression valve is part of the easy starting system. The valve should be pressed before starting to reduce the compression pressure when starting, as well as the effort needed to pull the starter rope. The decompression valve is semi-automatic; it must be pressed manually before starting, but then closes automatically.
STIHL Ematic System
Compared to conventional bars without Ematic, the STIHL Ematic system reduces the consumption of chain lubricant by up to 50 %, depending on the type of wood and the cutting attachment used. This system comprises a STIHL Ematic or Ematic S guide bar, a STIHL Oilomatic saw chain and a variable-flow or reduced-flow oil pump. As a result, virtually every drop of chain lubricant is delivered to exactly the right spot.
Side-mounted chain tensioning
The tensioning screw can be found on the side of chain saw through the sprocket cover. This removes the need for contact with the sharp saw chain. Single-lever master control
All important functions such as start, choke, throttle and stop are operated via a single lever
Controlled-delivery oil pump
The exact chain oil output can be adjusted manually for varying conditions, allowing for a reduction of up to 50%.